Amantha Edmead

Actress/Storyteller/Theatre Maker

Kuumba Nia Arts is an African Centred, not for profit Theatre Company established in 2009. It is the combination  of three of my passions; acting, Black/ African/Caribbean history and holistic work.

"....I remember sitting in Black Studies class learning information on kingdoms, civilization and 1000’s of years of history and stories and thinking, this is what I want my theatre to be about; theatre that celebrates Black experiences, as universal human stories accessible to all, using African forms of expressions, and contemporary research from the Black diasopra as a foundation...."

The aim of the arts company is to bring historical and contemporary stories from the Black/African experience to life through theatre and film. We run workshops, film screenings, community events and create and produced theatre.

We work closely with Unity Arts and Unlock The Chains Collective and have been supported by The Pegasus Theatre.

Where to find us

Kuumba Nia Arts
163 Oxford Road

Oxford. OX4 2ES

Mobile: 07958 343359

REGISTERED IN ENGLAND AND WALES NO. 6888926 163 Oxford Road, Cowley. Oxford. OX4 2ES

Kuumba  meaning Creativity  Nia  meaning Purpose