Amantha Edmead

Actress/Storyteller/Theatre Maker

"A powerful and captivating experience which demanded the attention of both adults and children in the audience ............. It seemed to capture the essence of the Caribbean. A treat for the senses." Daily Info Review10/11/14.   Click here for full review.


Over the years I have developed a passion for storytelling! I have worked as a storyteller for pre -schools, schools, community groups, events, and festivals. I specialise in African and Caribbean stories and story telling techniques, i.e: call and response, use of characterisation, repetition, song and dance. My storytelling style is about engaging the audience in the telling and creating of the tales and shaping the outcome together. I have also performed in theatre in education tours, children's theatre and children's television. One off or regular sessions for young and old are available, get in touch via the contents page.